New Destinations in Bali

Bali is still one of the favorite destinations in Indonesia and with all the long holidays coming up, we have some new and fun things to do to fill your holiday with your friends or family in Bali. So here’s what you need to know about anti-mainstream destinations to enjoy destinations in Bali for your next visit:

1. Mrs. Sippy Bali

Photo source IG @puspasiagian

This is a new place and already become a really hit in Seminyak area. Mrs. Sippy Bali is a pool club, complete with bars and restaurants. This place is a modern oasis surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees.

Mrs. Sippy Bali is suitable for those who want to enjoy the tropical style or tropical holiday in Bali. The pool is big enough with depth between 1m, 3m and 5m. Mrs. Sippy Bali can be an alternative to fill your holiday with friends or family.

Location: Jalan Petitenget, Gang Gagak 8, Seminyak

Opening hours: 12AM – 12PM

2. Air Terjun Cinta

This is the newest and hip place in North Bali. The location is not far from  Lake Buyan and Lake Bratan. On the left side of the road you will find a board “Wahana Kekinian Air Terjun Cinta” in Banjar Asah Panji, Wanagiri.

First time you arrive in here, you will be welcomed by the view of a giant bird’s nest which you can climb into and pose,  makes it a great spot for taking pictures. The Bird nest is made from bamboo and it’s also famous in some cities in Indonesia. After taking pictures, you can walk down and you will find Air Terjun Cinta. The waterfall is not too big with around 7 or 8 meters in height. There is a deck made of bamboo for the place of taking pictures. This place was managed by local residence since last March.

Location: Jalan Raya Wanagiri, Wanagiri, Sukasada

3. Puncak Wanagiri

Photo source IG: @rose_violetz

Ayunan Wanagiri is located near from Air Terjun Cinta and is another hits place in Wanagiri Village because you will be able to take pictures with Lake Buyan, Tamblingan lake and green hill as the background. There is also a swing that tied to the big tree, but you should be ready and patient to stand in line to get a good photo. There is also a ship-shaped platform for you to take instagramable pictures.

Location: Wanagiri Village

4. Black Ship Jimbaran

Photo source: IG @blackshipjimbaran

If you are getting bored with watching the sunset from the beach, villa or restaurant, well there is a new way to enjoy sunset in Bali. Black Ship Jimbaran is a program created by fishermen in Kelan beach. You can get around the coast of Jimbaran and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the middle of the ocean with jukung or traditional boat.

The tour starts at 4PM -7PM, along the way you are free to capture the beauty of the sunset anywhere you want and stop for snorkeling or swimming. The capacity of 1  Jukung is only limited for maximum six people. In addition, each of the Jukung used has been standardized for security and comfort,with life vest, hammock, sun deck, cold drink, Bluetooth speakers, shower, locker, dry bag and insurance. Afterwards , you can complete your day by enjoying dinner at Jimbaran Seafood

Take your family and friends with you for the new ways to enjoy sunset in Bali.

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