Though you might have been to Bali for countless time, Bali definitely will never fail to excite you with new things and adventure. While we are talking about Bali’s facts, here are some tidbits about Bali:

  1. It is forbidden for Balinese Ladies to wear Kebaya with short sleeve (above elbow) for their prayer in temples.
  2. You should NEVER step on offerings on the entrance of a building on purpose.
Source no 1 : IG @shan.wysocki
  1. Before eating, Balinese will put a little amount of food aside as offering to the spirit around.
  2. If you notice some offerings being put on the road, usually it is because an accident was occurred and the offerings are used to remove any bad spirit on that area.
  3. It is considered rude and impolite to touch Balinese head.
  4. Black and white checkered cloth that usually are being wrapped around big trees or stone in Bali is intended as a form of appreciation from human.
Source : IG @saput_poleng_bali
  1. You are suggested to honk your car or motorbike horn 3x when you cross a bridge or pass a cemetery. It is a way to show your respect and ask permission to use the road from the unseen inhabitants of those places. So next time there is vehicle that honks behind you, check if you are passing cemetery or bridge instead of honking back furiously.
  2. If you ask Balinese for directions, they will likely tell you the direction based on the point of compass(North, East, West, South) instead of left and right
  3. Ladies on their period or anyone with open would will not be allowed to enter temple, in fear that the temple will be impure.
Source : https://pixabay.com/en/traditional-culture-bali-beach-2238582/


  1. It is considered that the most polite way in receiving anything that is being handed over to us is by using both hands with palms facing up. It is considered rude to give or take with your left hand.

Each regions in Bali also has their own different custom and cultural manners. So when you are visiting, you can ask to your tour guide and Balinese friend for its local custom to avoid any awkward glance from the villagers. Have fun and stay safe!


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