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Slimming Massage



Gaining weight is one of women’s biggest issues, especially during holiday when you get careless and getting to eat many kinds of exotic foods and beverages. A treatment for slimming certainly is the most convenient solution. Kokonut Suites Hotel in Kerobokan offer Slimming Massage, the most convenient solution with affordable price and friendly staff.

You can get many benefits with Slimming Massage. The manual lymphatic drainage massages help to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, it stimulates the blood circulation. This treatment can be done over the entire body or in specific areas where it accumulate fluid retention such as the legs or abdomen, helping to reduce its volume. It costs IDR 180.000/60 minutes and IDR 255.000/90 minutes. Call our reception, dial extension number. 0 (zero) to book your spa treatment and be refreshed!

Massage makes everything better!