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Wacko Burger: Best Burger in Seminyak

best burger in seminyak

Kokonut Suites is surrounded by restaurants with best burger in Seminyak area, and this time we want to recommend Wacko Burger. It is one of the must visit restaurant in Seminyak. Wacko Burger is a small burger restaurant in the middle of Seminyak with fresh ingredients to create a selection of addictive gourmet burgers. The menu features all kinds of unique burgers such as Classic Wacko Burger, Cheesy Bacon, Down Under, Zen Burger, Double De B burger and many other creations of innovative burgers that can make you feel excited.

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From the classic to the most innovative creations, there is a place for everyone’s taste. At Wacko they will bring your imagination on a plate. Wacko Burger also offers great selection of onion rings, crispy wings, potato wedges, fries, grilled butter corn. Complete with selection of salad, spaghetti, fried rice, baguette and variant of beverages beers, milkshake and many more. Located at Jalan Drupadi No.18, Seminyak or three minutes away from Le Jardin and 15 minutes away from Kokonut Suites . Opens daily start from 12.00 – 21.30.

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