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Best Coffee Shops in Seminyak

Kokonut Suites is surrounded by coffee shops that provide great coffee, comfortable place for quality time with your friends and great wi-fi. Here are our recommendation of most wanted coffee shops in Seminyak and located close to Kokonut Suites:

1. Revolver Espresso

Coffee Shops in Seminyak

Photo source: @idreamofbalicom

Revolver is a must visit coffee shop in Seminyak during your stay in Kokonut Suites. It is a coffee shop in a hidden small alley, decorated with wooden door that is perfect and cool for your hangout place, or even for morning coffee, healthy breakfast, sweet cakes and lunch. Revolver has vintage rustic themes with wooden interior.

Address: Jalan Kayu Aya Gang 51, Seminyak

Open hours: 7AM – 6PM.

2. Pison Coffee

Coffee Shops in Seminyak

Photo source: @letoilephotography

Pison Coffee is located very close from Kokonut Suites, a great place to hang out in the heart of Seminyak with industrial concept. Surely this place serves delicious coffee using local beans and it also offers Sumatra coffee as their signature single origin. So it’s a must visit coffee shop in Seminyak.

Address: Jalan Petitenget No.8A or just 12 minutes away from Berry Biz Hotel.

Open hours: 8AM – 11 PM

3. The Coffee Library

Coffee Shops in Seminyak

Photo source: @jessica_gaby

The Coffee Library is a chic and trendy coffee shop in Seminyak. The Coffee Library serves local Indonesian coffee beans from Sumatera, Flores, Java, Toraja, Bali and many more. This place has rustic-industrial concept and great for hanging out with your friends and is also an instagenic coffee shop, where you can take any pictures on every corner and make you want to stay longer.

Address:  Jalan Laksamana Basangkasa No.50 B Seminyak 

Open hours: 8AM – 11PM

4. Titik Temu

Coffee Shops in Seminyak

Photo source: @titiktemubali

Titik Temu has semi-outdoor concept and with simple minimalist design. This is a nice place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied with live music. You can also enjoy breakfast with your friends here.

Address: Jalan Cendana No.1

Open hour: 7AM – 7PM

5. Black Pit Coffee Shop

Coffee Shops in Seminyak

Photo source: @blackpitcoffee

Black Pit Coffee shop is not just an ordinary coffee shop, but also a very comfy place to sit around for an hour or two with your friends. You can find great selections of coffee from espresso, cappuccino, latte, cold drip, avocado coffee, and many more with reasonable price. Though this is not a too spacious place,  but it is worth your time to visit this coffee shop in Seminyak.

Address: Jalan Nakula No. 5, Seminyak

Open hour: 7AM – 5PM

6. Sea Circus

As the name suggest, this place is colorful and fun. Sea circus is one of the hip coffee shops in Seminyak area with atmosphere that make you feel like you are sitting in a circus. It is a comfortable place to hang out with your friends to enjoy breakfast or a cup of coffee.

Address:  Jalan Kayu Aya No.22, Seminyak

Open hour: 8AM -10.30PM

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